Ezic Mobile Order

Ezic Mobile Order is a smartphone online food ordering application that can be used on Android and other smartphones.



Ezic Mobile Order combines the taste and quality that it offers you at Ezic Restaurants with the unlimited possibilities of technology, and offers it to you from your mobile phones, which you never leave your side for a moment.

Eziç Mobile Order brings the perfect service you get in restaurants to your fingertips, without tiring you out, with its illustrated menu, meal descriptions, and dessert and beverage options.

You can easily order the menu you want from your mobile phones to the address you want, and you can track your orders instantly. By clicking on the menu pictures, you can see the picture larger and you can reach the details about the menu.

In addition, you can see the menu of the week on the opening screen, benefit from our campaigns, see the total amount in the order confirmation and track your orders in the "My Orders" section.

With its excellent visual service, you can easily order the menus you want without having to find the food that appeals to your stomach from this application; Wherever you are, you can take advantage of the technological opportunities offered by our age without doubting that you will continue to experience the 'Ezic Difference'.

The secret of EZİÇ's becoming a brand with 33 years of experience is that the opinions and thoughts of the customers are always in the FIRST place… Therefore, please share your views or requests regarding the application with us.

You can send an e-mail to [email protected] for your comments and suggestions.